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All the Things I Never Said

Hello all, here's a poem I wrote a few months ago at 4:00 AM. I hope you enjoy it, please let me know what you think.

Johnny brought a gun to school today, I don't know why,
I'm only fifteen years old; I'm not prepared to die!

I have so many things left to say,
I didn't know today would be my final day.

I want to tell my mom to be strong,
And that I'm sorry for the times I've done her wrong.

I wish I could say,
"Daddy, I'm sorry it had to end this way."

I wish I had told that boy it wasn't just a crush;
But now it's just too late,
I wish that I had said something
And asked him out on just one date.

All around me my classmates are dying,
All I can hear are their shouts and panicked crying
And all I can see are the bullets flying.

Maybe I'll wake up and it'll all be OK,
Maybe this is all just an outrageous play.

Yet amidst all this chaos and disorder, I sadly face the fact
There is just no way that this could simply be an act.

Now it's too late to tell my brother
I never meant those nasty things I said,
I know before the day is done
I'll probably be dead.

Now Johnny points the gun,
Carefully takes aim,
As I fall to my knees I hear him shout my name.
Then I understand his anger, for we're the ones to blame.

Those times I went along with my friends
And called him stupid or gay,
Why didn't I see how much he was hurting
And that one simple smile or 'hello' could've brightened his day?

My own blood is beginning to pool around me,
My vision is becoming blurry; I can't see.

I slump to the floor still softly crying,
I'm only fifteen years old and I'm slowly dying…

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